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Periodontal Services in Schertz, Texas

Periodontal treatment and services address issues involving the structures surrounding teeth: gums, ligaments and bones. In its earliest stages, periodontal disease only affects the gums, but if left untreated, it can also affect the ligaments and bones.

The first sign of periodontal disease is swollen, bleeding gums. This usually occurs as a result of an infection from built-up bacteria or plaque. It’s best to treat the gums as early as possible because an untreated infection can spread and affect other structures that support your teeth, like ligaments and bones. Taking proper care of your gums is crucial to your oral health. Regardless of what stage your gum disease may be in, we can provide you with appropriate periodontal services and treatments.

Scaling and Root Planing: This treatment is most effective for periodontal disease that is in its early stages. We remove any built-up bacteria or plaque below the gum line through a process called scaling. We then smooth out the rough areas on the roots so that plaque will have a harder time re-adhering to the root’s surface.

Gingivectomy: When gum disease occurs, the periodontal pockets may need to be lifted. A gingivectomy will clean the periodontal pockets and then reduce the pocket depth that occurs as a result of gum disease. This will allow the gums to reattach themselves to your teeth.

Pocket Reduction: When plaque and tartar buildup is left untreated, a pocket (empty space) can form between your teeth and gums. This area allows bacteria to grow and spread. A pocket reduction will work to reverse this and help prevent future gum disease.

Dental Crown Lengthening: Unhealthy gums can sometimes lead to what’s called a “gummy” smile, where part of the tooth (or teeth) is covered by irritated gum tissue. Dental crown lengthening works to adjust the exposure of your teeth’s crown.

Root Surface Debridement: Tartar, bacteria and plaque can build up on the root surfaces of the teeth. Root surface debridement is a cleaning that goes deep into these root surfaces and removes any harmful bacteria. This will also help prevent future gum disease.

Laser Treatment: Lasers are the latest revolution in treating periodontal disease. With our laser treatment, we can remove inflamed tissue from the gums and can also allow our dentists to more effectively access areas for treatments like root planing.

Osseous Surgery: This procedure is usually performed when other methods like scaling and root planing and pocket reduction haven’t worked. It is a surgical procedure that will reduce the depth of your pockets and restore your gums to a healthier, more natural state.

Sinus Lift: A sinus lift is needed when the upper jaw doesn’t have enough room for dental implants. This procedure will help make room by lifting the sinus membrane upward.

Tori Removal: Sometimes your palate or mandible can experience one or more protuberances of bone. Tori removal will eliminate this problem.

Bone Grafting: We can restore the strength and structure of a deteriorated jawbone by applying artificial bone material and special proteins. This will also help the jawbone to better support your natural teeth and dental implants.

If you have signs or symptoms of periodontal disease, don’t wait. It’s best to treat any issues or disease as early as possible. You can reach our friendly dental staff in Schertz at (210) 658-9031 to schedule an appointment.

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