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Pediatric Dentistry in Schertz

The professional team at Randolph Family Dental looks forward to meeting your whole family. We pride ourselves on providing top-quality pediatric dental care for children of any age.

We believe that healthy, beautiful smiles start with forming good oral hygiene habits at a young age. We will not only provide your children with excellent dental care, but we will also work to educate them and help build those strong habits that will last them a lifetime. We recommend that children see us by their first birthday.

Our services for children and teenagers include:

Dental Sealants: 

The chewing surfaces of the back teeth are susceptible to decay, as food and bacteria can get trapped in the narrow grooves. Cavities in the back teeth are a common ailment for young patients because of this. Dental sealants are a protective coating that can be applied to the back teeth to prevent decay.

Fluoride Applications: 

It’s important to help keep enamel strong as teeth grow. Fluoride is a substance that is naturally found in some foods and in water. This substance helps strengthen tooth enamel and can also reverse early tooth decay.


If your child experiences minor decay or damage in their teeth (from a cavity, for instance), dental fillings can repair the damage. They’re best used to seal off voids, cracks or small holes on the surface of teeth.

Emergency Dentistry:  

We understand that accidents happen, and we’re prepared if there’s ever a need. We can provide a comfortable and stress-free environment. Contact us if your child needs treatment on short notice.


A crown is used to cover or “cap” a moderately damaged or decayed tooth. Our crowns are made with high-quality materials, so your child won’t have to compromise the looks of their smile or the function of their teeth.

We treat patients of all ages at Randolph Family Dental, so be sure to take advantage of our family scheduling. Our modern dental office in Schertz is equipped with amazing amenities and a friendly staff. You can reach us at (210) 658-9031 to schedule an appointment today.

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