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Dentures in Schertz, Texas

Dentures are a removable device that can be used to replace several or all of your lost teeth. Today’s dentures look and perform better than ever before.

Adjusting to life without your teeth can be hard, especially if it’s all of your teeth. Chewing food, speaking clearly, and even smiling can be a struggle. It can also lead to issues like a compromised facial structure and jawbone deterioration. That’s where dentures come in. At Randolph Family Dental, we make some of the best dentures in Schertz. With a set of dentures from us, you’ll regain your smile and your confidence, and you won’t be compromising your oral health any longer. We offer a variety of options for dentures which include:

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures don’t require surgery and are therefore the most budget-friendly. These dentures use suction and gripping to attach to the jawbone and dental arch. We take a full impression of your mouth to create a customized fit, and we use only high-quality materials. They are also removable and can be cleaned when removed. With our expertise and attention to detail, your dentures will look great and function well too.

Denture Stabilization

Denture stabilization is a great option for those who are looking for a firmer, tighter fit for their dentures. The stabilization works by placing two to four dental implants with snap-on attachment sites. These attachments sites are where your dentures will securely attach. Your dentures will still be removable for cleaning, but you will have increased chewing power, stabilization and comfort.

Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures are attached to dental implants, and unlike other denture options, cannot be removed. The dental implants they attach to are surgically placed in the jawbone, making the dentures a permanent fixture. The implants will act as replacement tooth roots, and the prosthetic teeth will look, feel and function like natural teeth.

For the best dentures in Schertz, contact our office at (210) 658-9031 to schedule an appointment today. Our friendly and approachable staff can help you decide which option is best for you.

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