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Crowns and bridges to the rescue … “Save” broken, damaged teeth and fill gaps to complete your smile

Randolph Family Dental offers many treatments and services that cannot be found at most other dentist practices in south-central Texas and beyond. From our well-appointed office in Schertz, Dr. Fortuna Vardeman provides a high level of expertise in advanced surgical treatments (such as implants) and cutting-edge technologies to support these treatments. So, you know the appearance, function, safety, and health of your smile and “whole self” is in great hands should we need to rebuild a portion of one tooth or an entire severely damaged tooth. 

Dental crowns and bridges: Restore, preserve, and replace

The crown is the white part of each tooth visible in the smile. Crowns may be damaged due to an array of conditions, from dental decay to excessive wear and tear to traumatic injuries. When this part of the tooth structure is damaged, Dr. Vardeman may recommend dental fillings, dental inlays, onlays, or crowns. Fillings, inlays, and onlays (partial crowns) may be appropriate to repair smaller cavities or less extensive damage to the tooth. Full crowns may be well-suited to patients with the following: 

  • Large cavities 
  • Worn fillings and restorations 
  • Certain fractures or cracks 
  • Severe decay 
  • Big cosmetic cases (such as severely misshapen teeth)

Crowns generally follow root canal therapy for teeth with deep inflammation or infection in the pulp tissue at the tooth’s center. In fact, this process may be the only way to save a tooth with extensive damage. When a tooth cannot be “saved,” Dr. Vardeman may discuss prompt replacement with options ranging from fixed dental bridges to implant-supported prosthetic teeth (crowns, bridges, dentures). 

Bridges are primarily an economical, fast, and long-lasting way to fill gaps in your smile. The dental bridge itself is made up of two crowns and the replacement tooth (pontic), which are fused together. The crowns are placed on top of slightly reduced abutment or anchor teeth. When cemented to the neighboring abutments, the pontic fills the empty space and replaces the lost tooth.

Find out more today!

During a consultation at our office, Dr. Vardeman may discuss the best options and materials to rebuild your damaged teeth. At Randolph Family Dental, we use an array of high-performance and highly aesthetic materials, including porcelain and solid BruxZir® Zirconia. We also provide an array of in-house capabilities; for instance, Dr. Vardeman makes crowns while you wait in just one visit with same-day CEREC computer-aided software and equipment. 

Our office in Schertz, TX, is proud to provide trusted, state-of-the-art dentistry to our friends and neighbors in Cibolo, Selma, Universal City, Marion, Garden Ridge, and surrounding communities. Call (210) 658-9031 to meet us!


A bridge is a non-surgical way to replace one or many teeth. A bridge uses the adjacent teeth as anchors to support the missing tooth or teeth. With today’s dental advancements, a bridge can be fabricated in a fairly short period of time, using a metal or nonmetal foundation. Don’t let that missing tooth affect the way you speak, eat, and smile. Bridges yield immediate results that last a lifetime. Ask your dentist what type of bridge may be right for you.

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