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No one is interested in undergoing a dental procedure that had gathered a bad reputation in the field of dentistry, like a root canal treatment, for instance. But if you are suffering from a tooth infection, you got no choice but to agree with the dentist’s recommendation to receive a root canal—or else you’ll end up with an extracted pearly white. And before you burst out in disapproval, we want you to know that there is actually nothing to fear about a root canal therapy. The treatment is painless and even considered something close to a dental filling procedure.

Root canal treatment here at Randolph Family Dental is delivered in a way that is favorable to our patients. We provide a wide selection of sedation options to add extra comfort to those who are bound to receive the said dental procedure. Patients can choose from local anesthesia, laughing gas, IV sedation, general anesthesia, and oral sedation for them to have a stress-free experience in our clinic.

Root Canal Treatment

Benefits of Root Canal

Are you still hesitant about root canal treatment? Read at these benefits that the said therapy can offer:

Restored Tooth Aesthetic

Tooth decay or infection can steal the healthy appearance of the specific tooth. When a cavity develops, the pearly white usually becomes discolored. Root canal treatment is the best solution then. It doesn’t just focus on the dead tissues inside the tooth, but it also provides restoration to the aesthetic of the affected structure. A dental crown, a tooth-like cap, is placed on the newly treated area to cover its problematic surface.

Tooth Pain Relief

The tooth that had been attacked by an infection often gives off a painful sensation. This discomfort heightens when the person chews foods. A mere act of opening the mouth can even aggravate pain. But root canal treatment helps a person get away from a toothache. Since the procedure promotes the removal of the infected nerve tissue—the leading cause of pain—soreness and swelling are alleviated.

Preserved Tooth

Root canal treatment will not leave patients with a gapped smile. The procedure is not the same as an extraction, where the whole structure is dislodged from its socket. Instead, it only extracts the diseased tissue seated at the inner portion of the tooth.

Above all, a root canal is the best approach to protect the overall oral health and wellness of those who are suffering from an infected tooth.

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