How Athletes Should Take Good Care of Their Oral Health

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Participating in certain sports and activities can give you a lot more benefits, particularly in physical, emotional, and mental aspects. Whether you are engaging in contact or non-contact sports out of passion or for fun, it is important to secure your safety by taking the necessary preventive measures because accidents can happen anytime and anywhere.

Dental injuries are one of the common accidents that can occur in any sports and activities, especially when it involves physical contact, flying objects, or falling. That is why no matter what sport or skill level, athletes need to take good care of their oral health both on and off the field. Most athletes are conscious about what they eat and their workout routine to maintain their built and health. However, athletes should also include taking care of their mouth and teeth every day as part of their routine. 

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In order to keep the mouth safe and protected against any harm or injuries, here are some of the following things that every athlete should do:

Establishing good oral hygiene

Practice is essential in every athlete, especially when they are mastering the skills necessary for any sports, so make sure to do the same with your daily dental habits. The unhealthy tooth is a lot weaker and susceptible to any damage when a sports injury occurs. Brushing the teeth at least twice daily, flossing, and rinse the mouth using an ADA-accepted mouthwash will keep the teeth healthy and strong.

Try to avoid any sugary sports drinks

Usually, some athletes would often prefer to quench their thirst with sports drinks instead of water. Some of these sports drinks may contain a lot of sugar, which is bad for both oral and overall health. 

The bacteria in the mouth utilize the sugar from the sports drink to produce an acid that will undermine the hard outer shell of the tee

Make mouth guard as part of your uniform

Some sports require the need for helmets or knee pad to protect their head and body against any possible injuries. Moreover, wearing a mouth guard to protect your teeth, mouth, and jaw structure from athletic trauma is also crucial. These mouth guards are worn over the teeth and should become part of the athlete’s uniform to prevent injuries from happening when sports accidents occur.

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