Enjoy a Bright White Smile Longer with These Tips

Many people are considering teeth whitening treatments since it is one way to beautify their smiles. However, the effects of the procedure are not permanent. Plus, the duration also depends on the aftercare a person observes. So, to help our patients at Randolph Family Dental enjoy their white smile longer, here are some tips we prepared.

teeth whitening treatment

Observe good oral hygiene

To preserve the whiteness of the teeth, it is more important than ever for patients to practice good oral hygiene. Brush the teeth twice a day for two minutes. Make an effort to keep the mouth clean, especially after consuming foods and substances with intense colors. Flossing at least once and rinsing regularly helps as well.

Choose what to eat and drink

As someone who has undergone a teeth whitening procedure, they are already aware that there are beverages and food that can stain the teeth. To keep the teeth from shining, it is best to limit the consumption of such substances. Patients may also try using a drinking straw when drinking staining substances to let the liquid bypass the teeth.

Schedule professional cleanings regularly

Routine appointments don’t only keep the teeth and other oral structures in check, dentists may also perform cleanings to rid the teeth of harmful accumulations and even stains. Aside from daily brushing and flossing, professional cleanings every six months offer better protection for stains that are once again starting to take the luster off the teeth.

At our practice, we offer a teeth whitening approach using GLO Science, which utilizes teeth whitening trays and a special light that activates its whitening agents. One good thing about choosing the said service is, patients no longer have to worry about the normal sensitivity that comes with the whitening treatments. In just an hour, patients can expect that they can achieve up to eight shades whiter teeth!

Instead of choosing cheaper yet uncertain products that can be easily purchased online or in physical stores, why not go with an effective and safe approach! Want more reason to choose GLO Science? Once the whitening system is used, a Whitening for Life Program can be offered to help patients maintain the whitening results they achieved longer or—for life! Complimentary whitening gels will be provided to patients during their routine appointments for touch-ups.

What are you waiting for? Avail of GLO Science and the Whitening for Life Program it comes with for long-lasting Teeth Whitening results in Schertz, TX! Call or visit us at Randolph Family Dental to get started.