Dental Implants: Improving Everyone’s Denture Experience

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Dentures have always been the solution for people who are suffering from tooth loss. But as everything is advancing as the years pass, improvements for the said traditional restoration were made.

In the past, dentures are held in position using metal clasps, placed over the gums, or rely on its suction to the palate (roof of the mouth). However, over time, the fit of the restorative appliance will change, causing it to become wobbly and uncomfortable. As a result, its normal functions like assisting a person in speaking and eating, as well as keeping them confident becomes affected. Fret not for we at Randolph Family Dental have a solution for these concerns. Aside from offering traditional dentures, we also provide fixed dentures and stabilization service.

By stabilizing dentures, patients are assured that their teeth restoration would stay in place when eating or speaking without having to worry about them falling out. How is this possible? With the help of screw-like devices referred to as dental implants that are surgically placed in the jawbone to hold prostheses like dentures.

denture stabilization

Why consider having dentures stabilized?

With the support of dental implants to dentures, patients no longer have to feel self-conscious when talking, eating, and smiling to other people. Aside from stability, patients can also expect that aesthetics and functionality of the dental restoration is close to real teeth. Hassles associated with dentures like irritations and use of messy adhesives are eliminated as well.

After having their dentures stabilized, patients can expect that they no longer have to hold back on eating the foods they love since there are no restrictions. They also do not need to restrict themselves from speaking with other people since they can do so to their heart’s content without worrying about being embarrassed.

Who are good candidates for denture stabilization?

Denture stabilization is ideal for patients who are missing a significant number of teeth and have a sufficient amount of jawbone to support its placement. In case a patient’s jawbone is too weak, alternatives or additional treatments will be recommended.

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