Dental 101: Things to Know Before Getting Veneers in Schertz, TX

A dental veneer is a type of thin, shell-like prosthesis that mimics the color and form of natural teeth. It is ideally for the use of patients who have always been bothered by the appearance of their smiles. Thanks to this prosthesis, there is now a way for people to get the kind of smile they have always dreamed of. Believe it or not, even celebrities took advantage of the said cosmetic dental procedure to get a camera-ready smile.

Some of the issues that dental veneers can fix are as follows:

  • Worn down teeth
  • Discoloration that does not respond to a teeth whitening treatment
  • Chipped or fractured teeth
  • Excessive gaps
  • Slight misalignment
  • Uneven or irregularly shaped teeth




We at Randolph Family Dental understand that our patients deserve to know anything about dental veneers to make them feel more confident in giving it a go. With that in mind, here are some pieces of information we prepared.

Get the smile exactly as wanted

Dentists customize the prosthesis per patient so that it can meet the expectation they are aiming for. To make this possible, the thickness of the enamel, state of the bite, and pulp tissue of the patient are all taken into consideration. This step is essential to make sure that the outcome of the veneers would look very natural and flattering.

The natural teeth are still present but would be thinner

The placement of veneers relies on natural teeth. But to make sure that they would not appear unnatural, enamel reduction is performed. The amount of structure removed would depend on the needs of a patient, but as much as possible, dentists try to keep it to a minimum.

The patient will wear a trial smile

While waiting for the custom-created veneers, the temporary prosthesis will be bonded on the teeth using a non-permanent bonding cement. Doing so gives patients the idea of how their smile would look with the permanent veneers on.

It is not too painful

Contrary to what most people think, getting veneers is not very painful, although there is some form of discomfort. Means for comfort will be offered beforehand to have a more pleasant experience.

It takes time to get veneers

Sadly, getting veneers can be time-consuming due to the steps involved; however, it is only for the better. The dentist will need the patient to undergo a smile analysis to check if they are good candidates for veneers. All things would be considered so that a favorable outcome will be achieved.

Veneers may need replacements

The prosthesis cannot last forever, but they can withstand for many years—that is if the patient observes proper hygiene and care practices. Years of using the prosthesis will cause it to wear down or break over time. Once this happens, getting replacements are necessary.


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