Dental 101: Knowing More About Teeth Extractions

Although the teeth are meant to last for a lifetime, there are instances when people lost theirs at a time. And as much as dentists want to save every tooth, they may sometimes require patients to have a tooth extracted. Some of the most common reasons that make this procedure necessary are—a requirement for orthodontics, the spread of infection, the involvement of wisdom teeth, and if a tooth is beyond saving. Nowadays, there are dental services that make a tooth highly salvageable. But, if the action taken by the patient is already too late and that the problem has already spread, there may be no other choice but to undergo extraction.

Teeth Extractions

At Randolph Family Dental, we understand that a tooth extraction is one of the least wanted procedures performed by a dentist. If one’s overall oral health is put at risk, opting for a solution is better than waiting for the issue to worsen. Here are some facts everyone should know about teeth extractions.

It is avoidable

If only patients practice proper oral hygiene at home, watch what they eat, and changing any harmful lifestyles makes it highly likely for people not to need a tooth extraction procedure. The use of a protective oral device when playing sports makes it possible also to avoid the possibility of serious injuries which may cost the removal of a damaged tooth.

Extraction is not that painful

The perception most people have about tooth extraction is it being one of the most painful procedures performed by the dentist. Aside from the process itself, people are also concerned about the apparatus dentists uses. Thanks to the continuous dental advances, this is no longer the case. Patients can take advantage of local anesthesia to numb the area where the tooth is located. Other than this, means for comfort like laughing gas and oral sedation can be administered.

Medical history is taken into consideration

Since tooth extraction is more complicated than other dental services, dentists may first need to know the medical history of a patient. The conditions below do not make a person not qualified for tooth extraction, but they may first need to undergo a few more steps.

  • Use of tobacco products
  • Heart defects present at birth
  • Those who underwent heart valve surgery
  • Placement of an artificial joint
  • Medications that can lead to dry mouth and more
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Liver problems
  • Conditions that can weaken a person’s immune system like HIV diabetes

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