Common Questions About Gum Disease in Schertz, TX

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Cavities are not the only oral problem that people commonly experience. Many individuals struggle with gum disease too. The condition affects a wide population in America according to the data laid out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention way back in the year 2012.

As a dedicated dental practitioner in Schertz, TX, we at Randolph Family Dental aim to provide the best dental care assistance which will help people get away from oral problems. We offer a vast array of services from restorative to periodontics. And since the prevalence of gum disease is high, our practice made more comprehensive periodontal services available in our clinic. Those who are diagnosed with gum disease are encouraged to set an appointment with our dentist so they will receive the treatment appropriate for their needs.


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FAQs Regarding Gum Disease

What are the indications of gum disease?

The early form of gum disease, gingivitis, may show signs like redness and bleeding of the gums. Some patients experience tenderness on their pink tissues as well.

Why does gum disease occur?

Various factors cause gum disease to take place. Aside from poor oral hygiene, unhealthy lifestyle contributes to the rise of the periodontal problem. In fact, smokers are usually at risk of gum disease. While these sources are manageable, other causes such as aging, health-related complications, and genetics are uncontrollable.

What are the available treatments for gum disease?

The standard treatment for gingivitis is scaling and root planing. Our dentist might perform gingivectomy to clean the periodontal pockets of the patients. Depending on the extremity of the disease, the dentist may necessitate patients to undergo pocket reduction, dental crown lengthening, root surface debridement, and osseous surgery. A sinus lift, tori removal, and bone grafting are useful for those who suffer from tooth loss due to the advanced form of gum disease. These three treatments will allow them to fix their deteriorated jaw bone so they can be qualified to receive dental implants.

Is it necessary to mend gum disease?

YES. Gum disease is a serious problem that needs an immediate solution because if not, the chance of spreading the infection to the other parts of the body, like the heart, is certain.

Gum disease is reversible—but it needs to be detected early. Visit the dental clinic every six months so when oral problems arise, the dentist can check and treat them right away.


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