We understand going to the dentist is not an easy task. Randolph Family Dental offers and caters to cowards when it comes to

dental treatment. The dentist will discuss with you different type of sedation techniques which will be suitable for the dental

procedures . We deal with different dental phobias and understand your anxiety levels going to the dental office.


 Here are some of the sedation techniques we can offer to our patients:

1. Nitrous Oxide ( laughing gas)

2. Conscious Sedation : prescribing you a pill to take the night before the procedure and one hour before the dental procedure.

3. IV sedation : we  give you a medicine through  intravenous route before the dental procedure . Most of our wisdom teeth

extraction and dental implants procedure is administer in this manner.



 Call us for a consultation so we can discuss the best way to relieve your dental phobia and get your dental work you need instead of putting off your work. When you hold off your dental work , you end up in the emergency room and your cost and risk goes higher.


Let us help you achieve the SMILE you have been waiting for.  We can serve you in our two locations in Schertz and New Braunfels, TX .