Cleft Lip/Denture Mission of Phils

I am Fortuna A Vardeman,DDS practicing dentist in Texas. I am born and raised in the Philippines. Currently, I am affiliated with Medical Mission for Children helping kids and adults by giving a FREE surgery to fix facial deformities which we started February 2010. We are rasing funds for the 2017 Medical and Denture Mission trip. Cleft lip and palate patients have been ridiculed by other kids or even their own family during their growing up years. If we can fix their facial deformities in an hour of surgery we can change their life and smile . They will be able to speak and live a normal life.

We started a denture mission last year. We have an overwhelming demands for patients that do not have teeth and needs denture to be able to chew their food and improve their quality of life.

DONATED money will be use to fund the supplies , medicine and laboratory work . We need the funds by end of Jan 31, 2017 to be able to buy the supplies we need before our trip.

I am BLESS to share my talent and it will mean so much to me if you can support this medical mission trip. A lot of people wants to HELP but do not know how. I assure you will be thankful and Bless for all blessing you can SHARE. Big or small is appreciated as long as you give with your WILLING HEART.


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